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Israel Inspires
Celebrating the Miracle of Israel

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Exclusive officially licensed historic reprint newspapers from the New York Times bring Israel's establishment and dramatic history to life in a way that is unique, intriguing, and accessible. Combine with our educational primers for engaging and ready to execute educational workshops.  Bulk discounts available. Titles available:

  • New York Times | May 15, 1948 (16-page reprint)  

  • NY Times 'History of Israel' (14-front pages)

Looking for Israeli flags of any size or type for your celebration? Contact us for anything Israeli - we are here to make your celebration great! 

  • Quality Israeli Flags - Any size or type available.

  • Flags Over Jerusalem - One-of-a-kind flags that have been flown over Jerusalem's Old City walls.

  • Historic Original Editions of LIFE Magazine & National Geographic featuring Israel.

  • Framed Pages from LIFE Magazines & the NY Times.

We create and offer fun educational resources as well as in-person, online, and self-guided workshops that are interactive, informative, and inspiring. :

  • Yom Ha'atzmaut Haggadah - Celebrate Israeli Independence with family, friends, & four cups of wine. 

  • Israel Street View - A virtual guided tour using key curated images of Israel from Google Street View.

  • Building Resilience Around Israel - Interactive online workshop for high school & college students, or adults.

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Israel Inspires

Old City Jerusalem
Unique Among Nations

Despite all the challenges that Israel has faced over history, the county and the Jewish nation continue to inspire millions around the world by tenaciously fighting for our right to self-determination, freedom, and peace in our ancient homeland. Our story is like no other. As the New York Times of May 15, 1948 states on the front page in the "World News Summarized" section, "The first Hebrew nation in 2000 years" has been established in our ancient homeland. This unprecedented and remarkable feat was not only made possible by the guiding hand of Providence, but also by the courageous and idealistic pioneers who came back to the ancient homeland to establish it anew.

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N. S. | Participant on Birthright Israel

The [New York Times of 5/15/48] is awesome. Thank you!

Smiling Student

Sarah P. | University of Pittsburgh

I loved the Israel Street View tour! So interesting and informative, made me so excited to go to Israel this summer!

Texting on Mobile Phone

Castle Rock, Colorado

The New York Times May 15, 1948 edition is exactly what I expected. Wonderful artifact!

Smiling Man

Ben S. Tufts University

Your seminar was incredibly inspiring and educational. As someone very involved in this topic it had a diverse array of speakers, themes, and topics that are all very important.

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